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Notes on building a startup

I just completed 2 months doing some startup advisory work in Japan. While I was there I gathered some notes related to startup tech investing. If you see anything wrong or I should elaborate on let me know!

  • When raising money it is good to be specific when talking to investors: "[I am looking to] raise 250K to change [our] 100K ARR to 1M ARR (in 18 months) because I want a 10M valuation"
  • Don't spend lots of money before you achieve product-market fit.
  • Pay attention to retention.
  • Have a distribution method in mind.
  • Talk to the users before you start working on the problem.
  • To build a compleling product consider making sure that there is a goal for the user to achieve.
  • Finding product-market fit can take a long time. I took Justin.tv 6 years to achieve product-market fit, as Twitch.

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Jamie Larson