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App Clip Notifications & AWS SNS

If you're building an App Clip for your iOS app, you might be interested in sending push notifications to your users. With Amazon Web Services' Simple Notification Service (SNS), you can easily achieve this. However, it's important to note that App Clips have a unique bundle identifier, separate from the main app's bundle identifier. Therefore, you will need to create a platform application specific to the App Clip to ensure notifications are sent to the correct device.

I have been building an App Clip, I really appreciate how iOS allows for ephemeral notifications in App Clips. This means you can schedule or receive notifications for up to 8 hours after each launch of the App Clip. It's a great way to maximize user engagement with your app clip, with the goal of encouraging them to download the full app.

In conclusion, if you're using SNS to send push notifications to an App Clip, make sure to create a platform application specific to the App Clip's bundle identifier. And if you're building an App Clip yourself, don't forget to take advantage of ephemeral notifications to provide an engaging first time experience.

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